Infographics: Parenting Myths & Co-Regulation

Focus This Week


Notice Parenting Myths

Spend this week taking stock. Notice times when the myths show up in your parenting. This takes reflection. For example, do you believe that the adults should be able to connect at dinnertime? If so, how might this map onto beliefs that children should be seen and not heard? 

Feel Moments of Co-regulation

It’s important to just notice your moments of co-regulation with your kids. For example, I have one child who runs every time I get *loud.* We could be at the beach and I could raise my voice ever so slightly at a child who wiped sandy feet on the blanket next to an open container of fruit- this child would run and climb a rock (even if I raised my voice at her sister). At this stage, we’re just noticing. Noticing matters. What are your child’s patterns? And yours? How do they play out?