Our Guiding Cooperation VIP Coaching program is for families who want to focus exclusively on their children in a one to one context.


Consult is necessary to purchase the VIP program. Book a consult here: https://calendly.com/drchelseyhauge


We will determine which coach fits your family's profile best, and meet weekly for 60-75 minute sessions.


Appropriate for families with children ages 18 months-21 years.




  • TWELVE EXCLUSIVE LECTURES by Drs. Robin Hauge & Chelsey Hauge, on behavior, child development, relationship building and our exclusive Tools!


  • TWELVE GUIDED COACHING SESSIONS where you get feedback specific to your child and your parenting.


  • ACCESS TO OUR EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUPS AND VIRTUAL COURSE where you can view content and connect with others.


  • ACCESS TO GROUP SESSIONS should the family choose to participate.


  • RESOURCE MANUAL to guide your work with us, chock-full of articles, strategies, tips and tricks!


  • GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION of your journey through the program and the tools, strategies and frameworks that work best for your child(ren) and family.


Dates: Determined with each family. Families meet with me weekly for 75 minute sessions.



VIP Guiding Cooperation Program (1:1)


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