With COVID-19 really impacting our everyday and our children's typical routines (and thus their capacity to cooperate!) we are thrilled to welcome Guiding Cooperation grads back for a Level 2 course. 


This is a special offering exclusively for families who have completed Guiding Cooperation.  


Parenting is a practice, and each of you deserves ongoing support & community as you grow families that defined by cooperation and delight.


Like in our signature course, we will work with vidos. And- we will read a book (TBD) together, delving into different concepts each week. With direct feedback for you on your situation, and deep community with the group- we always witness the wonderful connections that emerge from Level 2 courss. 


You also get access to our revamped 12-week course- go back and watch as needd! 




  • SIX EXCLUSIVE LECTURES by Drs. Robin Hauge & Chelsey Hauge, guided by a shared book on behavior, child development, relationship building and our exclusive Tools!
  • SIX GUIDED GROUP DISCUSSION & COACHING SESSIONS where you get feedback specific to your child and your parenting.
  • RESOURCE MANUAL to guide your work with us, chock-full of articles, strategies, tips and tricks!


Dates: Discussion Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9pm, March 16-April 13. Meets on zoom. 

Level 2 Course (Grads Only)


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