Parenting is hard. Learn 25+ research based tools for creating calm.


With COVID-19 really impacting our everyday and our children's typical routines (and thus their capacity to cooperate!) we are thrilled to offer our signature 12-module course virtually, in a DIY format. 


This means you get access to all of our resources: lectures, print-outs, visuals, and more. We will pair you with another family for accountability, and invite you to attend two Sunday Check-Ins (available the first Sundays each month, from 2-3:00pm PST), during which time we'll discuss your progress, address issues as they arise, and offer each other support. 


Check-Ins, held the first Sunday of every month, are office-hour style opportunities to engage with the course founders and get questions answered. 


It takes effort and presence, but each of you deserves the support to build calm homes and to nurture your parenting and in doing so- grow families that defined by cooperation and delight. 


You receive access to 12 modules on relationship based parenting. You watch &implement on your own schedule- and you join us two times for Sunday check-ins- any first Sunday of the month that works for you (good for 4 months post purchase).


So what's included??? 


TWELVE EXCLUSIVE LECTURES by Drs. Robin Hauge & Chelsey Hauge, on behavior, child development, relationship building and our exclusive Tools! 


TWENTY FIVE relationship based tools that come from contemporary research on child development, parenting, and positive behavior management. 


TWO GROUP CHECK-INS where you can ask questions get feedback specific to your child and your parenting. Checkins available Sundays from 2-3:00pm PST the first Sunday of each month-- you pick which 2 to attend within 4 months of purchase. 


VISUALS, PROMPTS & SUPPORTS: Extensive visuals for each tool, as well as journaling & peer support prompts for families to help each other. 


Dates: Check-Ins Sundays @ 2-3:00pm PST, first Sundays of each month. 

Guiding Cooperation DIY Course


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