Up your game this Valentine's long weekend with our sweet play worksop. 


On Saturday, February 13th (10-11am) join Dr. Robin and Dr. Chelsey for a workshop on positive, relationship based play. Spend the 14th exploring the tools & frames we offer- and join us on Monday, February 15 for a follow-up workshop where we will discuss what worked, what didn't, and what you can do differently next time. We invite you to submit a video of you + your children playing for the second workshop, so that we may offer you direct and tailored feedback. 


Imaginative play is incredibly important for young children- and a bit of extra time +magic on a holiday weekend is the way to nurture cooperation and decrease tricky behaviors.



This is a sliding scale opportunity. Please select the cost that makes the most sense for your family. 





$30 V-Day Weekend Workshop


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