Ready to buy four week's worth of activity boxes? Snag activities for the next four weeks because let's be honest- we're in this for the long haul. 

When we started doing storytime + activity boxes, we thought it would be for a week, maybe two or three. But we're going to be home at least through June. So maintain your sanity and set a routine for your kids. 


Join us for daily storytime  + a  week's worth of activities (two per day) + ideas for you to play with. Take the week to focus on spring or magic or animals or reptiles or kindness around your home- and we garauntee you'll find the magic! 


Join us every morning for a 9:00am (PST) zoom storytime- we'll read, sing, and talk about our activities for the day- and then delve into your box full of activities!


Boxes can be picked up in Walnut Creek or Oakland Sundays after 5pm. If you do not live locally, we can ship and you will be charged for shipping.  


**if you have multiple children participating, please reach out to Happy to provide materials for siblings at a reduced cost.

4 Weeks of Activities (Materials Box For 1 Child)