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Create calm in YOUR family! 

Gain specific tools & strategies for calm, tailored for your child.

All families are placed into cohorts.

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What’s in the box?


When you join one of our cohorts, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to our virtual course, where you will: 

  • Revisit & deepen concepts introduced in our live discussion through 12 lectures with Dr. Chelsey & Dr. Robin, the mother-daughter team behind Positive Parenthood.
  • Learn about brain systems in childhood, and which tools make the most sense in different situations.
  • Access infographics about how to use the tools correctly and thoughtfully in everyday situations.
  • Use prompts, parenting frames, and our signature workbook to practice and reflect on the tools introduced in each module, and how they work for your unique family.
  • Shift your language so that your child processes what you tell them, and is able to follow directions for struggle-free family time.
  • Teach your children how to be socially appropriate when things are tricky, and how to manage tough emotions so they get their own needs met – and still cooperate.

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Weekly Group Coaching

When you join a cohort, our expert parenting coaches (all of whom hold Ph.D.s in the field!) offer you research-based frameworks and tools to reset your parenting and help your child through everyday challenges so that something as simple as toothbrushing or getting dressed for school when a favorite shirt is in the laundry doesn’t derail your entire family. In your weekly group coaching, you get: 

  • Expertise, perspective and feedback from a Ph.D. in the fields of child development, education, special education, social emotional learning, or a related field.
  • Live examples from your cohort about how to apply the tools.
  • To identify which brain system your unique child is operating from, through videos of your child and/or stories you share.
  • Concrete, specific feedback on your parenting & how to match their needs with tools designed for different brain systems through video analysis. 
  • Direct, supported learning experiences.
  • Video submission is an invitation, not a requirement. Some families are more comfortable exclusively sharing stories about their lives and children, and that is fine, as well. 

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Parenting wasn’t meant to be done alone. Each family is placed in a cohort with other families facing similar challenges. Roughly, children will be close in age. Learning in a cohort model allows for reflection, feedback, and seeing people with similar challenges deal with issues that you may have in common. All families are invited to our Facebook group. In our Positive Parenthood Community, you get:

  • Placed in a cohort of 4-8 families that are similar to yours in terms of age range, challenges and goals.
  • Unique sharing and bonding over challenging child-rearing issues – it’s often that parents say, “Wow! I never knew someone else was having this same issue!”
  • A cohort forum just for your own crew, where you can check in with your cohort throughout the course and beyond.
  • A wider community, full of other professionals, alumni families, and folks committed to and curious about this approach, where you can ask questions, hear and share stories, and get support.

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→ 12 weekly coaching emails following our group coaching session, that deliver our key take-aways, most important tools, infographics and video lectures right to your inbox

Exclusive digital workbook/parenting guide: 

→ Use our exclusive workbook that carefully outlines each tool, offers stories and anecdotes for how to apply them to tough situations, provides journal prompts, outlines for exact language for setting rules, routines, and getting kids to cooperate and activities to deepen family relationships 

The Positive Parenthood course and coaching with Chelsey have been SO helpful to me parenting a three-year-old during a pandemic! I really had no model for what loving parenting with boundaries could look like. The concrete tools and examples from class discussions are things I use absolutely every day now. I feel so much more sure of myself as a parent!

– Hannah, mother of a 3 year old neurotypical preschooler


This coaching + course package comes with a 21-day 100% money-back guarantee!

If for any reason you feel the package doesn’t deliver on what we promise, let us know and we’ll refund your purchase.

Think of this as your free 21-day trial to see if the material works for your family!

Let’s Sum Up What You Get!

12 90-minute group coaching sessions – Value:   $3960


Video analysis of your child’s behavior – Value:   $1500


Lifetime access to 12 lectures by Dr. Chelsey & Dr. Robin – Value:   $199


Access to infographics & visuals about the tools – Value:   $99


Your very own Guiding Cooperation workbook – Value:   $14.99


TOTAL VALUE: $5772.99


Success Stories

Positive Parenthood was a saving grace for our family. It gave us new awareness and understanding about our kids’ needs, our family dynamics, and how to shift any situation into a more positive one. But possibly the biggest lesson learned was how much our presence (or lack of presence) was affecting every aspect of our relationship with our kids. Things are just so much clearer now and I recommend this class to ANY family at ANY time. It’s transformative! Chelsey just understands family dynamics and gives amazing  suggestions and astute observations with no judgment and so much grace and calm. 

Melissa & Saul

Parents of 6, 9, & 1 year old children

I realized through Positive Parenthood how much my own emotional state of regulation impacts my kids, and I have learned to slow down and most importantly, what words to use to support both my kids. I came through when my son was 3, and again when he was 16, during which time I was also parenting a 13 year old stepdaughter. 


Mother of a neurodiverse son (now 17) and stepmother to a neurotypical 14 year old

The program was transformative for my parenting. The tools allowed me to self-regulate more quickly and calmly and be available to meet and support my kids where they’re at with more respect and understanding. The tools themselves aren’t anything elaborate. They’re really easy to incorporate. It was affirming to get the message that we can try the tools out and maybe not get it just right but learn and even backtrack. That’s ok and if we permit that for ourselves, we have more capacity to support our kids who will do the same. The format is easily digestible and the cohort is a supportive space to be real, be seen and heard, validated and supported in a non-judgemental space. 


Father of 4 year old neurotypical twins

Trusted by Top Schools, Parent Groups, & Pediatricians

Wellspring Educational Services offers biannual Positive Parenthood courses to their parents.

Trusted by Autism Community Network in supporting families raising kids on the spectrum.

A leader in the field of social emotional learning, Soul Shoppe partners with us to offer parenting courses to their constituents.

Positive Parenthood provides gentle, relationship based support to members of the Bay Area’s largest mother’s group, The Mamahood.

East Bay Assesment’s Dr. Elea Bernou regularly sends clients to Positive Parenthood.

Trusted by top concierge pediatrician Dr. Nazia Sheriff, we work with families who need extra support.


When is the course & how will I get access?

The available cohort start dates and days/times offered vary throughout the year. Book a consult to find the right fit for your family.

You will get access via email after purchasing the package. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive access right away.

How long is the course?

This group coaching + course package is 12 weeks in length. We meet for 90 minutes on Zoom each week.

How much time should I set aside for this?

Each week, you will: 

  1. Attend one 90 minute live workshop.
  2. Watch or listen to one 20-30 minute lecture video.
  3. Practice the tools you have learned with your child.
How many people are in a cohort?

Most cohorts have between 4-8 families in them. Families include parents, and sometimes they also include grandparents, nannies, and others involved in the kids’ lives. 

Is the fee per family or per person?

The fee is per family, and includes parents as well as others involved in the child’s life. We encourage you to involve those who might be interested in supporting your child or you as a parent, including spouses, grandparents, nannies, etc. 

Are the courses & cohorts divided by ages?

The Positive Parenthood tools work across the lifespan: yes, you can use the same tools on your toddlers as on your twenty-somethings. Of course- how you apply them is going to shift, and the stuff that comes up changes over time. We create cohorts of families who have children who are similar in age and have similar profiles so that you are part of a learning community that reflects your family and supports you.

We run cohorts specific to big kids & teens (ages 13+). Some cohorts skew towards younger children (ages 2-7) while others skew towards older kids (ages 5-11). We will place you in a cohort that makes sense for your family. Book a consult to find the right fit.

How long do I have access to the virtual course? (lectures, infographics, resources, etc).

You have lifetime access to the virtual cours. 

Will this approach work for neurodiverse kids and/or kids with special needs?

Yes. This approach was originally designed for children with high needs, specifically for kids with an autism diagnosis. At this point in time, both families raising neurodiverse and neurotypical children take the course. However, the needs of children with complex challenges are at the heart of our work; and we recognize that many families raising kids who are genuinely challenging need these tools- whether they have a diagnosis or not. 

Will this approach work for kids who have experienced trauma?

Yes. Relationship-based parenting is supportive of all families. Children who have traumatic experiences tend to thrive when their parental figures highlight the relationship.

Is there a program for teachers & educators?

Yes! It’s called Guiding Cooperation for Educators. Please reach out to for more info.