All children can cooperate.
All parents deserve support.
All families can achieve calm.

Children & young people are doing the very best they can. If things are not (yet) working out, they need connection, positive supports & strong modeling.
All children can cooperate.


Working parents report more stress than ever before… and working mothers are dropping out of the workforce to support kids in numbers we haven’t seen in decades.

The line between home & work has been blurred as children come into workdays and works days seep into childhood. Our 25+ tools help families establish healthy rhythms.

Companies & organizations that support their working parents experience better retention & reinforce institutional culture & knowledge support.

Families that use our method experience an 80% reduction in behavior;
98% of parents report increased family calm. Increased calm = more mental space for work.

Developed by two Ph.D.s, our parenting tools are informed by brain based research & decades of experience.

It can get easier: less family stress means easier focus, higher capacity to take on work, and more ability to be productive.

Dr. Robin Hauge

Dr. Robin Hauge

Positive Parenthood Founder, Speech Pathologist, Ph.D. Childhood Mental Health

Dr. Robin’s depth of experience working with children with unique needs and profiles for over 30 years lends itself to supporting families who are experiencing very challenging behaviors, diagnoses, or situations. Through her experience working in early intervention school programs, private practice and hospitals, Robin understands that the underpinning of any successful intervention program is partnering with families. Her experience results in an extraordinary capacity to understand how children and young people experience the world, and to support parents to reduce stress at home for their children. Dr. Robin’s orientation as a Speech Pathologist means that she focuses extensively on language and how to say things to children and young people in ways that reinforce positive and nurturing relationships. She will help you to notice the subtle dynamics that are sabotaging your parenting relationship, and to shift towards more positive ways of relating to your child or teen so that they have more capacity to cooperate with you. Dr. Robin’s approach, in all of the educational programming she provides, is to work with a child’s individual strengths and build capacity in the child to foster ongoing development.

Dr. Chelsey Hauge Zavaleta

Dr. Chelsey Hauge Zavaleta

Positive Parenting Coach, Ph.D. Education

Dr. Chelsey’s expertise lies in social emotional learning, educational equity, and building calm, cooperative family relationships. She has taught and researched at The University of British Columbia, Stanford University, and Mills College, and now works with parents and educators experiencing challenges with their children and young people, using a positive, relationship-based approach to create calm and cooperation for all families. Dr. Chelsey’s sensitivity to relationship dynamics and building cultures of empathy enable her to work with families striving to become the kind of parents they were meant to be. A mother to three children, she brings both deep professional expertise and compassion from her own parenting journey to bear in her work with families. She has experience working on literacy, justice, and gender issues, including girlhood, body image, gender identity and bullying. She has consulted with educational and governmental institutions on relationship-based learning, social emotional well-being, and how to support children in having positive relationships with digital worlds. Dr. Chelsey will support you to work with both the cultural pressures shaping your parenting relationships and family dynamics that make parenting difficult. Dr. Chelsey is bilingual and offers courses & coaching in English & Spanish.

I’m ready to dive in.

What are my options as a Farallon employee?

Signature 12-Module Course 
  • 12 weekly modules, full of research-based support, video lecture & visual tools.
  • Frameworks, tools & practices to get kids to cooperate.
  • One coaching session in the beginning of your work with us, to discuss the particulars of your child & family.
  • View 12+lectures, moving through one module each week with visual cues, behavior prompts, and specific language and tools. Learn which tools to use when, and how to talk to your kids so that they’ll listen the first time.
  • Access to our exclusive Positive Parenthood workbook.
1:1 Coaching For Your Family 
  • At the beginning of your time with the Positive Parenthood course, you will have one 1:1 coaching session. We will discuss your particular family & children & needs, & make a plan to support your family towards cooperation.
  • Some families may wish to sign up immediately for three coaching sessions instead of one.
  • Families are welcome to add additional coaching sessions.
  • You will be paired with a coach based on your family’s needs and your children’s age and profile.
Trusted by Top Schools, Parent Groups, & Pediatricians

Wellspring Educational Services offers biannual Positive Parenthood courses to their parents.

Trusted by Autism Community Network in supporting families raising kids on the spectrum.

A leader in the field of social emotional learning, Soul Shoppe partners with us to offer parenting courses to their constituents.

Positive Parenthood provides gentle, relationship based support to members of the Bay Area’s largest mother’s group, The Mamahood.

East Bay Assesment’s Dr. Elea Bernou regularly sends clients to Positive Parenthood.

Trusted by top concierge pediatrician Dr. Nazia Sheriff, we work with families who need extra support.


“It was transformative. It gave me the tools to connect with my kids and enable them to grow and learn.”

Sherri, Oakland CA

Mom of Two

“I thought I was going through the class to help the child with autism, with special needs. But it really was a class that healed the whole family.”

Carol, Orinda CA

Mom of 2 Neurotypical Kids & 2 Kids with Special Needs

“The benefits of the class are so many. I realized what an impact my own behavior and emotional state have on my child.”

Shelly, Lafayette, CA

Mom of Two Teens