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Guiding Cooperation

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Our signature course, Guiding Cooperation, offered in a group format. Meet with your cohort on a weekly basis, and receive feedback tailored to your child – it’s often in the smallest tweaks that big change is made! Review lectures by Dr. Chelsey & Dr. Robin and reflect in our signature workbook to deepen your learning. Come away with 25+ tools, a deep understanding of your child, a community of like-minded parents and best of all, CALM.

All families are placed into cohorts. Upcoming cohorts include:



When you join one of our cohorts, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to our virtual course, where you will: 

  • Learn about brain systems in childhood, and which tools make the most sense in different situations.
  • Access infographics about how to use the tools correctly and thoughtfully in everyday situations.
  • Use prompts, parenting frames, and our signature workbook to practice and reflect on the tools introduced in each module, and how they work for your unique family.
  • Shift your language so that your child processes what you tell them, and is able to follow directions for struggle-free family time.
  • Teach your children how to be socially appropriate when things are tricky, and how to manage tough emotions so they get their own needs met – and still cooperate.

Weekly Group Coaching

When you join a cohort, our expert parenting coaches (all of whom hold Ph.D.s in the field!) offer you research-based frameworks and tools to reset your parenting and help your child through everyday challenges so that something as simple as toothbrushing or getting dressed for school when a favorite shirt is in the laundry doesn’t derail your entire family. In your weekly group coaching, you get: 

  • Expertise, perspective and feedback from a Ph.D. in the fields of child development, education, special education, social emotional learning, or a related field.
  • Live examples from your cohort about how to apply the tools.
  • To identify which brain system your unique child is operating from, through videos of your child and/or stories you share.
  • Concrete, specific feedback on your parenting & how to match their needs with tools designed for different brain systems through video or story analysis. 
  • Direct, supported learning experiences.


Parenting wasn’t meant to be done alone. Each family is placed in a cohort with other families facing similar challenges. Learning in a cohort model allows for reflection, feedback, and seeing people with similar challenges that you may have in common. All families are invited to our Facebook group. In our Positive Parenthood Community, you get:

  • Placed in a cohort of 4-8 families that are similar to yours in terms of age range, challenges and goals.
  • Unique sharing and bonding over challenging child-rearing issues – it’s often that parents say, “Wow! I never knew someone else was having this same issue!”
  • A cohort forum just for your own crew, where you can check in with your cohort throughout the course and beyond.
  • A wider community, full of other professionals, alumni families, and folks committed to and curious about this approach, where you can ask questions, hear and share stories, and get support.

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