Create calm in YOUR classroom! 

Gain specific tools & strategies for calm, tailored for your students.

Guiding Cooperation for Educators

… takes relationship-based tools and concepts and streamlines them for educators working with groups of students in the context of learning. In order for any learning to happen, we orient around regulation and co-regulation. Delivered to schools in a cohort model, we will meet regularly and reflect as a group on your classroom experiences. Lectures by Dr. Chelsey and Dr. Robin deepen the learning so that our time together live is focused on classroom experiences and how to make small shifts to meet the needs of students and cultivate cooperation. We honor the tremendous work educators do to create learning and community for their students, augmenting these capacities with research based information and an always supportive community of reflection and growth. 

Trusted by Top Schools, Parent Groups, & Pediatricians

Wellspring Educational Services offers biannual Positive Parenthood courses to their parents.

Trusted by Autism Community Network in supporting families raising kids on the spectrum.

A leader in the field of social emotional learning, Soul Shoppe partners with us to offer parenting courses to their constituents.

Positive Parenthood provides gentle, relationship based support to members of the Bay Area’s largest mother’s group, The Mamahood.

East Bay Assesment’s Dr. Elea Bernou regularly sends clients to Positive Parenthood.

Trusted by top concierge pediatrician Dr. Nazia Sheriff, we work with families who need extra support.