Get help with what to say- both in the moment & afterwards!

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Our Big Feelings mini-course is for you if:

  • You want to understand where all the emotion your child is expressing is coming from.
  • You want positive strategies to help them learn how to cooperate.
  • You want to avoid common pitfalls that make kids’ big feelings harder to manage. 
  • You want help with what to say in the moment and what to say afterward. 

In this workshop, Dr. Chelsey discusses:

  • Where big feelings come from, and what they are.
  • Key steps for responding to big feelings – including all the details and scripts.
  • Do’s and don’ts for setting your child up to manage big feelings more successfully. 
  • Exactly how to use praise & presence for behavior management, including specific language to use. 
  • How to move through conflict and challenge in ways that encourage independence. 
  • How to get off the battlefield of resistance and arguments, and get your kid to cooperate.

This is a four-module course. Each module includes a 5-10 minute video lesson & a worksheet to guide your thought process.

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