Taking care of working parents is taking care of business.

Our parenting programs for working parents supports companies to be truly family friendly. Through corporate partnerships, working parents receive the tools to build sustainable, cooperative and peaceful parenting relationships with children.
Our parenting support programs might be for your company if...
  • it is important for you to demonstrate care & concern for your employees, especially during this time of extreme challenge for families
  • you want to support your working parents to be productive while also showing up for their families
  • affordability & accessibility is important to your company and the families who work for you.
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We help working parents... 
  • identify the most critical moments in their parenting, and use high quality doses of presence to support their kids
  • balance work life with child rearing
  • support kids towards independence and reduce conflict 
  • understand their children's social emotional experience, and interact in ways that support development
  • set their children up for success- with distance learning, hybrid learning, or in-person schooling during COVID
  • better understand grade-level expectations and benchmarks, and consider how to support their children to meet expectations 
What Working Parents Say 
"We just had our parent teacher conference, and it was so surprising. Before, our kids were struggling, especially our son. His teacher said he is so joyful and gets along with the other kids so much more. She asked us what we were doing, and we told her about the Positive Parenthood tools, and she said we are such wonderful parents." Working Mom from San Jose, CA
"I thought I was taking an Advil to get rid of my parenting headache- but I learned it's more like a probiotic. I changed the culture of my family, I'm going to keep taking the probiotic, and my business is better for it because things are so much calmer." Working Dad from Pleasant Hill, CA
"At the beginning of shelter in place, my kid would interrupt my zoom meetings regularly. I started locking the door, and the kids started banging on it- loudly. When I took the Positive Parenthood course, I learned strategies to help my children wait, and help them know when I was available and when I was not. I'm much less stressed now, because we have figured out a routine and even it is a hard day, I have the tools to make it through." Working Mom from Danville, CA
Meet Us 

Dr. Chelsey Hauge Zavaleta

Dr. Chelsey Hauge Zavaleta is co-founder of Positive Parenthood and holds a Ph.D. in Education. Her expertise is in social emotional learning and supporting parents to become active players in their children's learning and lives, and in doing so, to build calm and cooperation at home. Chelsey brings deep expertise and experience working on digital literacy and screentime issues, as well as gender issues including girlhood, body image, gender identity, gossip and bullying. A former Professor of Education, Dr. Hauge-Zavaleta has consulted with educational and governmental institutions on how to support children in digital environments and how to nurture social emotional learning. Her research has been widely published, in journals including Innovations in Childhood Education, Discourse- Cultural; Studies in the Politics of Education, and Feminist Media Studies.


Dr. Hauge's  sensitivity to relationship dynamics and building cultures of empathy enable her to work with families striving to build positive home cultures that are creative, hopeful, and positive. Chelsey will support you to work with both the cultural pressures shaping your parenting relationships and family dynamics that make parenting difficult. Chelsey also coaches families wishing to better understand and support their children's educational experience. Together, you will use the Positive Parenthood Tools to move towards building positive, sweet, and gentle relationships and families so that parenting becomes joyful. Chelsey is bilingual and offers coaching in English & Spanish.

Dr. Robin Hauge

Dr. Robin Hauge is co-founder of Positive Parenthood. Dr. Hauge is a Speech Pathologist and Ph.D. in Childhood Mental Health. Her depth of experience working with children with unique needs and profiles lends itself to supporting families who are experiencing very challenging behaviors, diagnoses, or situations. Robin's experience results in an extraordinary capacity to understand how children and young people experience the world, and to support parents to reduce stress at home for their children. Dr. Robin Hauge is also the co-founder and Clinical Director of Wellspring School, which provides relationship based education to children with special needs. Dr. Hauge's work on supporting children with autism and other special needs, and helping families to navigate significant behavioral challenges, is renoun and respected widely throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 


Dr. Hauge's orientation as a Speech Pathologist means that she focuses extensively on language and how to say things to children and young people in ways that reinforce positive and nurturing relationships. Dr. Hauge will help you to notice the subtle dynamics that are sabotaging your parenting relationship, and to shift towards more positive ways of relating to your child or teen so that they have more capacity to cooperate with you. 

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