1:1 Coaching

Some families thrive with 1:1 coaching support from a certified Positive Parenthood coach. Coaching is tailored to your specific family and situation. Coaches will work with you over the phone or in person, and may also request additional videos or audio or challenging moments that you wish to work on. Coaching requires a  consistent commitment from the family.

  It may sound trivial, but I used to drive three cities over to grocery shop so I didn't see anyone I knew, because my kids would always have very embarrassing tantrums. I went with my coach and my kids grocery shopping, and got the support I needed to help my kids cooperate, even while shopping! After just a couple of sessions, I can go grocery shopping in my own town now, and I don't worry about seeing people I know because I know how to manage my children's feelings more productively now.       -Mom from Lafayette, CA



Coaching Packages

Essential Frameworks

Three coaching sessions + texting support between sessions; Our signature parent workbook; Video analysis of challenging behavior. 

Professional support to identify best strategies for your family.

Shifting Dynamics 

Six coaching sessions + texting support between sessions; Our signature parent workbook; Video analysis of challenging behavior. 

Professional support to identify best strategies for your family.

Creating Calm

Ten coaching sessions + texting support between sessions; Our signature parent workbook; Video analysis of challenging behavior. 

Professional support to identify best strategies for your family.

Newly Diagnosed with ASD Coaching Support Package

Newly diagnosed? We know there is a lag between diagnosis and services, and we know the wait is excruciating. We know you need help, now. When you contact us about this Coaching Support Package, we will get you started within 24 hours. This coaching support package will take you through a three-month calendar of tasks and recommendations, supported by a veteran ASD moms and Certified Positive Parenthood Coaches. You will complete three tasks each week, and check in with your coach about your progress, your feelings, and what you can do to support yourself, your child and your family through this time. Your coach will weave in recommendations of the best Positive Parenthood tools for you to apply to your distinct situation during your coaching sessions.  Coaching exclusively offered by Maya Garcia and Shelly Hamalian, certified Positive Parenthood coaches and mothers of children with autism. 

Meet Our Coaches

Dr. Robin Hauge

Dr. Robin Hauge is the founder of Positive Parenthood. Dr. Hauge is a Speech Pathologist and Ph.D. in Childhood Mental Health. Her depth of experience working with children with unique needs and profiles lends itself to supporting families who are experiencing very challenging behaviors, diagnoses, or situations. Robin's experience results in an extraordinary capacity to understand how children and young people experience the world, and to support parents to reduce stress at home for their children.


Dr. Hauge's orientation as a Speech Pathologist means that she focuses extensively on language and how to say things to children and young people in ways that reinforce positive and nurturing relationships. Dr. Hauge will help you to notice the subtle dynamics that are sabotaging your parenting relationship, and to shift towards more positive ways of relating to your child or teen so that they have more capacity to cooperate with you. 




Dr. Chelsey Hauge

Dr. Chelsey Hauge holds a Ph.D. in Education and leads parent and teacher workshops on social emotional learning. A mother to three daughters, Dr. Hauge became certified in the Positive Parenthood approach when she realized that despite extensive experience and education, mothering three tiny girls was hard. It was then she turned to her mom, Dr. Robin Hauge. After taking the 12-week course, she became a Certified Positive Parenthood Coach and teaches Guiding Cooperation in English and Spanish. Chelsey brings experience working on gender issues including girlhood, body image, gender identity, gossip and bullying. She has consulted with educational and governmental institutions on how to support children to have positive relationships with digital worlds.


Dr. Hauge's  sensitivity to relationship dynamics and building cultures of empathy enable her to work with families striving to build positive home cultures that are creative, hopeful, and positive. Chelsey will support you to work with both the cultural pressures shaping your parenting relationships and family dynamics that make parenting difficult. Together, you will use the Positive Parenthood Tools to move towards building positive, sweet, and gentle relationships and families so that parenting becomes joyful. Chelsey is bilingual and offers coaching in English & Spanish.



Samuel Morales Zavaleta

Samuel Morales Zavaleta has decades of experience using music as a therapeutic tool for development and relationship building. Samuel has been working with the Positive Parenthood tools for several years now, beginning when his own children were young. Sam is a music educator and works with children who have special needs as well as typically developing children. Bilingual and bicultural, Sam teaches Guiding Cooperation in Spanish in California and in Mexico, and also supports a network of teachers and principals in applying the Positive Parenthood tools in his native Mexico. Sam will work with your family to identify particular challenges that make parenting difficult, and to select the best tool to rectify the situation. Sometimes, Sam involves music in his coaching work with families. 

Maya Garcia 

Maya Garcia started her journey toward positive parenthood eight years ago after her son with autism was referred to Dr. Robin Hauge. During their first session, Dr. Hauge taught Maya a positive parenthood tool that immediately improved her connection to her son. Maya knew she had found her mentor and signed-up right then for her very first 12-week Positive Parenthood course.


In 2013 Maya joined forces with Dr. Hauge along with families and educators from the community to build a developmental preschool-kindergarten for children with complex needs. Today, that preschool concept has flourished into a full-day K-12 school certified by California’s Department of Education. With nearly a decade of tutelage under Dr. Robin Hauge, Maya earned her Positive Parenthood Coaching Certificate in 2019. Maya is passionate about helping parents cultivate meaningful connections with their children, particularly those managing challenging behaviors. Prior to working with Drs. Robin and Chelsey Hauge, Maya worked as a college advisor and small business owner, co-founding a tech recruiting firm and fitness company. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from University of California, Berkeley.

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