I didn’t expect that living in a tiny house would change our diet so.
And I’d be lying if I didn’t note that one of the first things that changed when we went from tiny house to big house, was our FOOD.
Over time, I realized the drain tiny house cooking had on me. I love to make food for my beloveds, and while I did that, it was really not extravagant or spread our or creative.
I scaled my pots and pans down, and my oven was really small. I chose thin bamboo plates and put the ceramic ones in storage. I kept few leftovers and fewer leftover freezer meals- fridge and freezer storage was at a minimum.
Let’s be honest: it was not good for my family. We ate more things that were fast and easy. More simple steamed veggies, reheated tamales, plain pasta, and less explorative curry (less counter space for dicing, less cabinet space for spices), fewer roasted veggies with dipping sauces, and fewer meals with multiple plates, bowls, and saucers. OK, let’s be honest again- the kids are still eating a lot of plain pasta ?.
The result? We gained weight, and felt less aligned. One of my main self-care things-cooking- fell away with not enough counter space for creative cooking. A child jumped a weight growth curve, and she had little flat space and not many local buddies to run off the excess noodles.
Most of all, I didn’t have the creative space to express my love for my people by feeding them.
It was a loss that surprised me slowly, bit by bit. I thought I’d be fine, with a lot of counter space *for a tiny house* and reassurance that it was only for a moment while we built our home. I thought it would be ok, since I so badly wanted to be in the town where our tiny house perched on the side of a hill next to where our dream house would reside.
I was not ok. Not being able to creatively feed my people tore me in a thousand pieces.
And so we made another decision, and I am sooooooo happy to have enough space to cook for my people, creatively, hopefully, with space.