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3 Ways to Take Action

DIY Course: Just Gimme the Tools!

Want the frameworks, the tools, and the practices- and that’s it? Then hop into our self-guided course: access 12+lectures,  moving through each module with visual cues, behavior prompts, and specific language and tools. We’ll teach you which tools to use when, and how to talk to your kids so that they’ll listen… the first time around. You can watch all at once, jump around, or go as slow as fits your lifestyle- the learning is all up to you! 

Let's Do It Together: Facilitated Support Group + Course

Our signature course, Guiding Cooperation, offered in a group format. Meet with your cohort on a weekly basis, and receive feedback tailored to your child- it’s often in the smallest tweaks that big change is had! Review lectures by Dr. Chelsey & Dr. Robin and reflect in our signature workbook to deepen your learning. Come away with 25+ tools, a deeper understanding of your child, a community of like-minded parents, and best of all- CALM.

One-on-One Private Coaching

Whether your schedule is crazy busy or you really want to focus in on your own particular child & all their wonders and quirks- our VIP Guiding Cooperation Coaching program offers exclusive 1:1 support through both weekly coaching and in-the-moment text-based feedback. Reinforce that learning forever with custom visuals that chart your parenting journey. Achieve calm with tools tailored for your specific family.


“It was transformative. It gave me the tools to connect with my kids and enable them to grow and learn.”

Sherri, Oakland CA

Mom of Two

“I thought I was going through the class to help the child with autism, with special needs. But it really was a class that healed the whole family.”

Carol, Orinda CA

Mom of 2 Neurotypical Kids & 2 Kids with Special Needs

“The benefits of the class are so many. I realized what an impact my own behavior and emotional state have on my child.”

Shelly, Lafayette, CA

Mom of Two Teens

Trusted by Top Schools, Parent Groups, & Pediatricians

Wellspring Educational Services offers biannual Positive Parenthood courses to their parents.

Trusted by Autism Community Network in supporting families raising kids on the spectrum.

A leader in the field of social emotional learning, Soul Shoppe partners with us to offer parenting courses to their constituents.

Positive Parenthood provides gentle, relationship based support to members of the Bay Area’s largest mother’s group, The Mamahood.

East Bay Assesment’s Dr. Elea Bernou regularly sends clients to Positive Parenthood.

Trusted by top concierge pediatrician Dr. Nazia Sheriff, we work with families who need extra support.

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