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Good enough parenting isn't good enough for all children.  
Feedback and solutions that are specific and individual to your family.
Families are proven to experience an 80% reduction in behavior;
98% of parents report increased family calm.
Time tested parenting tools from brain based research. 

"It was transformative. It gave me the tools to connect with my kids and enable them to grow and learn."

Sherri, from Oakland

"The tools I learned to deal with behavior have made our home life so much more enjoyable, and my son has made big developmental gains."

-Jenn from Pleasant Hill

"I thought I was going through the class to help the child with autism, with special needs. But it really was a class that healed the whole family."

-Carol from Orinda

"The benefits of the class are so many. I realized what an impact my own behavior and emotional state have on my child."

-Shelly from Lafayette

"My child was really struggling with language and social skills. Positive Parenthood gave me the tools to really help him thrive."

-Anna from Walnut Creek

"We decided to make major adjustments to our family life after the course. We now spend more time with our kids, and all of us are much happier."

-Adam from Moraga

Wellspring Educational Services offers biannual Positive Parenthood 
courses to their parents.
Positive Parenthood provides gentle, relationship based support to members of the Bay Area's largest mother's group, The Mamahood.
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East Bay Assesment's Dr. Elea Bernou regularly sends clients to Positive Parenthood.
A leader in the field of social emotional learning, Soul Shoppe partners with us to offer parenting courses to their constituents.
We offer courses in English and Spanish to parents in the Pittsburgh School District.
Trusted By Top Schools, Parent Groups & Pediatricians

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